Home-S1 Custom open hearth single sided fireplace (8' x 30") with unique spiral vertical burner
HOME-S2 The Impression Series custom curved glass can be designed with any degree up to a fully round fireplace
HOME-S3 Galaxy 5x 2 single sided fireplace (L) and Custom 4' x 8' (R) see-through fireplace. Both fireplaces have the optional mirrors and were installed by Grate Fireplace (FL)
HOME-S4 Custom 10' x 2' single sided fireplace (L) installed by Distinctive Mantel (CO) and 7' x 6' peninsula fireplace installed by Fireplace & Patio Place (WV)
HOME-S5 Custom Fireplace ( 6' x 18" ) installed by Twin City Fireplace (MN) in a home designed by Charles R Stinson Architects (MN)
HOME-S6 Custom 8' x 2' outdoor see-through fireplace with a driftwood log set installed by Fireplace Stone & Patio (IA)
HOME-S7 Custom indoor-outdoor 8' x 4' see-through fireplace installed by American Fireplace
HOME-S8 Custom 6' x 2' four-sided open hearth fireplace
Custom 15' x 2' bay style fireplace installed by Powrmatic/Mastertech (Canada)
HOME-S10 Custom 7' x 2' single sided fireplace shown with optional mirrors and driftwood log set
HOME-S11 Custom 8' x 18" right corner fireplace installed by Twin City Fireplace (MN) in a home designed by Bruce Lenzen Design Build (MN)
HOME-S12 Galaxy Series 7' x 2' see-through fireplace shown with optional mirrors installed by Marcelle's Specialties (WI)
Direct Vent Fireplaces

Direct Vent Fireplaces

The Viewpoint Series is perfect for both traditional and contemporary decors.

Galaxy Series

Luxury Gas Fireplace Collection in seven different design types.

Custom Fireplace Solutions

Creative architectural designs with dramatic options in any size, shape or type.