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Stellar Hearth Products Custom Fireplacs offer a variety of solutions for those unique hearth projects that a standard fireplace just can't meet the needs of. We are able to design custom fireplace sizes from 2' to 100' wide, between 18" - 72" tall, in single, two, three or four-sided units for indoor, outdoor or indoor/outdoor installations. Whether for residential or commercial installations, we can design with traditional or contemporary interiors.

The Stellar Hearth Custom Fireplaces stand out from other custom fireplace manufacturers in that our design engineers create fire features using the most innovative materials and techniques available today and love the challenge of seeing how far they can stretch the limits to get unique looks.

Our Custom Fireplace Configurator allows you to specify what type of fireplace and options you'd like for your project and send to us directly for a price quote. To get started - simply click on the BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM FIREPLACE link in the upper right hand corner

If you are interested in the new Impressions Series curved glass designs or Aspirations Series lighted back panel, please make note of that in the SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS box on Page 2 of the configurator.


Step 1 of 3 Style / Dimensions

Fireplace Type





Opening Width
We can accommodate any size fireplace opening width, from 2’ to 100’. However, for any width over 15’, please contact Stellar Hearth directly to discuss your project in advance.
Opening Height
We can accommodate any size fireplace opening height. However, a fireplace with Safe-T-Touch Glass requires a maximum of 6ft height while an Open Hearth (No Glass) requires a maximum of 2 ft in height. For any height over these, please contact Stellar Hearth directly to discuss your project in advance.
Firebox Depth
We can accommodate any size. However, a fireplace with a traditional interior has a minimum depth of 2'-6" (30”) and a modern interior fireplace has a minimum depth of 2’ (24”). For both modern and traditional interiors, there is a maximum of a 4’ depth. For any depth over 4’, please contact Stellar Hearth directly to discuss your project in advance.
Firebox Interior

Modern Interior

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