Featured Product: VP36T

The Viewpoint Series VP-36T Direct Vent Fireplace

We've designed the Viewpoint Series to give a great view of the beautiful fire from any angle of the room, not just when you are sitting directly in front of it. The unique, patent-pending triangular shape provides a wider viewing area with greater sightlines into the firebox, much wider that a standard fireplace with the same footprint. Although it can be placed anywhere in the room, it's ideal for corner installations and the VP-36T has a huge viewing area that is 95% larger than any other fireplace in its class (35" x 24").

The beautiful 8-piece log set fills out the entire box and the lighted ember bed enhances the realistic burn of the fire and logs. Optional interiors and decorative fronts are available that match both contemporary and traditional decors allowing you to finish off the fireplace with just the right look.

Visit the VP-36T page for more information, pictures and video.

The Viewpoint Series also includes the VP-48T (formally the BDCT) for larger rooms with a unique campfire log design and will soon introduce the VP-36M with a more contemporary, one-a-kind vortex burner that has flames hovering around a reflective pool of light and fire. More info on the VP-36M coming soon.