Stellar Hearth Products Wins 3 Innovative Products Awards

Nashville, TN - March 2015

Stellar Hearth Products recently swept the board in "Vesta" innovation awards during the annual competition at the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association trade show in March. 

Stellar Hearth's new Custom Gas Fireplace Program won in the category of "Best Gas Product" for its very flexible and customizable design features, allowing for fireplaces to be custom-made to almost any shape, size and style.

They added two more awards for the Epiphany gas fireplace, winning in the "Art of Fire" category for a product "with innovation that moves an industry forward"; and also winning "Best In Show" over all other entries in the Hearth Products category.  The Epiphany fireplace offers a completely unique glass burner system that provides floating flames, "rivers of reflective light" and options to etch glass and illuminate it with LED lighting for more customization.  And it can be built in a large variety of sizes, shapes and styles.

For more information on custom fireplaces, please click on the CUSTOM FIREPLACES option in the main menu.

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